Medical Professional

We understand the unique position medical professionals are in, and since 2005 we have provided an all encompassing solution that accommodates both personal and business needs.

Whether you are a recent graduate starting your career, a seasoned veteran looking to grow or acquire a practice or needing to prepare for retirement, we understand your needs and our loan specialist can tailor a customized solution for you. Best of all, loan and new account services can be handled from your office.

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Medical Professional Bank Loans Available:


There are many factors that can impact your financial health: student and other personal loans, credit card debt, the need for additional funding, and homeownership expenses.

We can help improve your debt structure by consolidation or structuring of existing student, personal and/or credit card debt.  We also provide low cost mortgage solutions for your primary or secondary residences as well as refinancing of your existing home.

Loan Services

  • 100% financing* of Personal Loans
  • 100% financing* of Mortgage Loans

Deposit Services

  • Free Personal Checking
  • Free Electronic Banking Services
  • Free Investment Services

*For qualified borrowers only

Professions include but not limited to: MD, PA, NP, PT, OT, NA, DDS, DC, DVM and PHD



Managing cash flow, maximizing return on working capital, financing building and equipment, meeting staff payroll, running a financially efficient practice – these are the things we specialize in.

Loan Services

  • 100% financing* of Medical Equipment Loans
  • 100% financing* of Working Capital Loans
  • 100% financing* of Medical Office Construction or Refi Loans
  • 100% financing* of Practice Acquisition Loans

Deposit Services

  • Free Business Checking
  • Free Remote Deposit Capabilities
  • Free Investment Services

*For qualified borrowers only

Professions include: MD, PA, NP, PT, OT, NA, DDS, DVM and PHD
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